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Lider w produkcji kalibratorów
unia język polskijęzyk angielski

INMEL 33/33A/31

INMEL 33 Calibrator is a three phase electric power and energy calibrator. On its three voltage outputs it generates voltages of equal rms value and on its three current outputs it generates currents of equal rms value. The phase angle between voltage and current of a phase is set by the user and is the same for any of the three phases.
Calibrator's performance is highly enhanced by a set of internal programs that ease measurements.
Setting and recalling programs is made with the keys on the control board.
Output terminals and overload indicators are mounted on the front panel.

Version of calibrator

The calibrator INMEL 33 is produce in three versions:
  • INMEL 31 in single phase system,
  • INMEL 33 (basic version) in three-phase system
  • INMEL 33 A in three-phase system at asymmetric load.
Measurement Functions

INMEL 33 Calibrator provides the following measurement functions.
Automatic range selection with the following transfer values:
130 130.001V,
250 250.001V,
2.5 2.50001A,
10 10.00001 A.
Multiple increasing or decreasing output quantity value by a preset value without pressing enter key - valid for U, I, , f, , , P, Q, S acc. to Table 1.4.1, with possibility of immediate return to initial value.
Multiple increasing or decreasing output quantity value by a preset value (M) without pressing enter key - valid for U , I , , f , , , P , Q , S acc. to Table 1.4.1.
Immediate generation of the minimal and maximum value of the range.
Fast or slow semi - continuous increasing or decreasing output value with a constant speed - valid for U , I , , f , i with possibility of immediate return to initial value. The process stops when the key is released or the output value reaches the end of range limit.
Independent switching on and off any phase output.
Simultaneous switching on and off all the outputs.
3 phase or single phase power/energy calculation selection.
Selection of 4-wire or 3-wire network for power/energy calculations and voltage settings.
Presetting two output values and their fast generation (MIN and MAX keys).
Setting limiting values for settings.
Automatic cyclic decreasing and increasing output value by preset value around n different output values (n = 1...9) such that
OVi+1 = OVi + M
OVi - output value; i = 1,2,...,n
M - preset value in M memory cell
The function is available for U , I , , , or f acc. to Table 1.4.1.
This function may be used to check analog meter in described scale points;
if so, then: - maximum allowable meter error, M - increment between desribed scale points.
Automatic cyclic increasing and decreasing output value between two preset values - valid for U , I , , , or f acc. to Table 1.4.1.
Setting the speed for fast and slow semi - continuous increasing and decreasing functions.
Generating preset portion of energy for energy meters calibration ( one of possible algorithms of calibration - see function P).
Measurement of energy counter error by measuring time of disk rotation.
Local or remote control selection (for version with interfaces only).
Setting various phase angles among voltages or currents
Checking and calibration:
  • AC voltmeters and ammeters,
  • power factor meters,
  • phase angle meters,
  • frequency meters,
  • measuring transducers,
  • watt-hour meters,
  • power engineering protections.

Basic parameters:

Quantity Range Setting range Resolution Load Acuuracy 1), 2)
130 V
250 V
750 V
1.300...130.000 V
2.500...250.000 V
7.500...750.000 V
0.005000...0.500000 A
1 mV
1 mV
1 mV
0 - 180 mA
0 -90 mA
0 -26 mA
ΔU= +/- [0.05%Us +0.01%UR]
I 0.5 A
2.5 A
10 A
50 A
0.005000...0.500000 A
0.02500...2.50000 A
0.10000...10.00000 A
0.5000...50.0000 A
1μ A
10 μ A
10 μ A
0.1 m A
0 - 20 V
0 - 8 V
0-2 V
0-0.35 V
F   40.00...99.99 Hz
100.0...499.9 Hz
0.01 Hz
0.1 Hz
  +/-0.01 Hz
+/-0.1 Hz
φ   0... 360° 0.18°   Δφ= +/-(0.32..0.5)°
S   3x0.0065...3 x 37500 V*A     δS= +/-(0.12..0.3)%
P   0...3*375000 W     δP= +/-(0.12..0.3)%
dla φ
Q   0...3*375000 var     δQ= +/-(0.12..0.3)%
dla φ=90°
tE   1min...540min 1min   δtE=+/-[(1s/tE)8100%
E   Results from power resolution.*1min -   δE=+/-[δtE+δP]

1) accuracy in reference conditions during one year following the calibration day
2) US, Is– set value, UR,IR – range rated value


General parameters:

tabela 1
Maximum common mode voltage within frequency range 0...60 Hz - 1500 V for HI voltage output terminals
- 100 V for current terminals
Case protection IP20
Power consumption 300 VA
Dimensions width 470 mm, height 310 mm, depth 545 mm/695 mm
Mass 37.5 kg


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